Originally from Lille, Thibaut, 33, has created a real estate empire in the United States

Thibaut Guéant left the Lille metropolis ten years ago for the American East. Since then, he has acquired several experiences, which have enabled him to set up a real estate empire across the Atlantic. (©DR)

Thibaut Gueant says it bluntly: he loves his country, France, but he benefits from a more favorable system for entrepreneurs, from the United States. 33 years old, this Originally from Lille traded its North for the American East, and more precisely Miami, where he has resided for 10 years. From Florida, he has set up a real real estate empireprincipally for French speakers — from France, but also from Belgium and Luxembourg, among others — who would like to try the great adventure across the Atlantic.

$6.5 million raised in 2021

At the head of his company Landquirewhich he holds with another Frenchman, Romain Daniellou, Thibaut Guéant buy and sell land located in some 25 US states. In 2021, a year after the creation of his company, he managed, with his hundred employees, to raise 6.5 million dollars. He has thus acquired nearly a hundred plots of land, the cumulative value of which is close to 13 million dollars. His unstoppable tactic, targeting geographical areas where the market is tight, with more buyers than available properties.

But back to the beginnings of Thibaut. Born in Vieux-Lille, he has always had his entrepreneurial flair from his parents, “who tried to find real estate opportunities, either keeping or reselling them”. Quite naturally, he headed for an ES baccalaureate (economic and social), before integrating a DUT in marketing techniques in Roubaix. It was during his Master 2, which he did in Paris at the École supérieure des professions immobiliers, that Thibaut Guéant took the turn of the United States.

“I went there alone, when I was 17-18, for a three-month summer camp in Massachusetts. Unconsciously, it opened my mind to the world, it clicked.”

Thibaut Gueant,Lille became an entrepreneur in the United States.

Letters sent to owners

He packed up at the age of 23, “overnight”, and offered his services free of charge to a real estate agency in Miami. The experience lasts a year – and as much time during which Thibaut lives on his savings – and pays off: he quickly becomes the most efficient agent in the company, which convinces him to start his own business. “I passed my real estate license and became brokerthat is to say that I created my company, in which I hired realtors [agents immobiliers, NDLR]. Then I created my rental management company. For 6-7 years, we conducted about 400 purchase resale operations in the US. »

After real estate, Thibaut Guéant, with his company Landquire, turned to land.  70% of the investors he deals with are French-speaking.
After real estate, Thibaut Guéant, with his company Landquire, turned to land. 70% of the investors he deals with are French-speaking. (©DR)

The success story does not stop there since, to get rid of “problems such as work to be done, unpaid rent, etc. “, the Lille resident is reorienting himself on the land market, which also generates “much higher profits”. This is how Landquire was born.

Thanks to a searchable directory, unlike what is authorized in France, it has access to landowners across the country who would like to part with their assets. Thibaut understood it, you have to be quick, and seek out the opportunity. “We send 35,000 offers [d’achat] approximately per week, by letter and directly to the owners. Some need cash rapidly. »

70% French-speaking investors

These lands acquired, “75% virgin and constructible”, he offers them to his investors, who are 70% French-speaking. They can be professionals or individuals. “We offer them to enter the capital of our company”, describes the thirty-something again. The offer is all the more attractive as American taxation is less heavy than in France.

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The expansion of his business, Thibaut puts it in part on the account of the American system, very profitable. “For entrepreneurs, the United States is a breath of fresh air. It’s less bureaucratic, there are fewer obstacles, you can develop more and more quickly. We do not count the hours of work, but we are passionate. Here, there is a winning mentality! The Northerner does not forget where he comes from, and plans to return to France two to three times a year.

“I find my friends, whom I have had since college, each time I return to Lille. As for knowing if he would go the opposite way, nothing is less certain. “For me, my career here hasn’t even started yet, and in ten years it will barely have started! “, he concludes, with a smile.

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