Republican Abortion Bans Cast Long Political

The last NBC News poll before tomorrow’s election shows that when you ask democratically likely voters what their top concern is heading into the election their number one answer is threats to democracy but right after that is abortion rights for more on that we turn now to our colleague Alex Wagner and the All-Star team of political insiders. Republican Abortion

Michigan Kentucky Montana California and Vermont abortion(Republican Abortion)

In five states Michigan Kentucky Montana California and Vermont abortion is literally on the ballot tomorrow and depending on what happens in races elsewhere we could see entire regions of the country becoming deserts for Reproductive Freedom this is a map of the Midwest Illinois is the only state there where abortion is actively protected Michigan’s.http://Wikipedia

1931 trigger law that would ban all abortions has been blocked in courts and tomorrow Michigan voters will decide on an amendment that would enshrine abortion rights in the state’s Constitution the stakes in the Southeast are even higher pretty much all come down to North Carolina and whether the state legislature welcomes a republican super majority tomorrow if that happens it could effectively cut off abortion access for an entire region of the United States.

In the hands of State lawmakers

whether it’s in a ballot measure or in the hands of State lawmakers the matter of choice is being voted on across the United States tomorrow is that reality enough to energize Democratic voters to turn out we will ask our insiders right here joining me now our former White House Press Secretary Jen saki former Missouri Democratic senator Claire McCaskill and former RNC chair Michael Steele

I think a lot of people don’t fully understand the reality of the attacks on reproductive freedom and and what American women could be waking up to after November 8th has the confusion around what’s prohibited what’s allowed what’s on the ballot do you think that has any way confused intern voter and undermine the sense of urgency that might otherwise be felt among Independence or moderate.

Motivating women across the country

Republicans on this issue look I think and we don’t know yet the fact is that this is motivating women across the country no question but a lot of people it’s inspiring is progressive white women and the people who will be most impacted are lower-income communities and communities of color so I do think when the dust clears whatever happens in the election this is going to be one of those issues that people are going to wake up Wednesday Thursday Friday whatever day we know more. They may be confused about what the outcome is they may not think they should have turned out and voted and they may not know what access they have because it does go back to the States Claire this may be the first chapter.

I mean this is going to be an evolving situation as more and more women confront the reality of their states in my state the government is going to force birth on a rape victim end of the story and now they’re talking about ways to get at the abortion pill which has become the method of choice now and a lot of that is going on online so they’re going to try to do that and that would have to be done nationally so hopefully we have a good day tomorrow and we slow this thing down but if we don’t the Republicans will continue to go too far and this will continue to be a growing issue for our party on the positive side as more women face precisely.

The laws take effect (Republican Abortion)

Right as the laws take effect Michael when it’s your daughter exactly well your neighbor your sister or your aunt do you think Republicans are pardon the metaphor but prepared to live in the house that they are effectively building at this stage no they’re not I don’t think they are I don’t think they understand the full extent of what we’ve just heard here uh the impact it could have on and will have and it’s already having in many respects on women across the country a lot of the Republican women I know many of whom are pro-life in every sense of that word are appalled by what they’re seeing happening in the states in which they live and and and watching what types of legislation are being proposed and the impact is having on women who don’t share their views but is happening to women so I don’t think they’re fully prepared for for what comes next it’s always that thing in politics it’s you can beat your chest about a lot of stuff until you actually have to act on it and follow up and they don’t know what to do in this space because as we’ve already seen we’ve gone from oh the locals the states can decide to oh National band Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham so uh the the men don’t know quite yet what to do for the women the men don’t the men don’t know can begin foreign.

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