Safari Technology Preview: Apple offers version 145

Apple releases the 145th version of Safari Technology Preview today. This is the experimental version of Safari to allow developers to preview what’s to come in the browser.

Availability of Safari Technology Preview 145

For this release, Apple says it focused on Web Inspector, :has() pseudo-class, Container Queries and Containment, CSS Grid, CSS, Dialog Element, JavaScript, Media, WebAuthn, Web API, Content Security Policy, Security, Service Workers and WebRTC. There are also various bugfixes. The tab group system does not work with this version.

Developers are encouraged to read the full changes on Apple’s site. The download is done by clicking here for macOS Big Sur and by clicking here for macOS Monterey. Go to System Preferences > Software Update to download the new update if you have a previous version of Safari Technology Preview already installed.

As a reminder, Safari 15 was an important update with a revised interface and the new features found in Safari on macOS Monterey. This includes simplified tab bar, Live Text feature, improved Safari web extensions, Quick Notes, WebGL 2 and new for web technologies.

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