Shortages and delivery times: a site “tracks” Tesla boats (soon Apple?)

Shortage of electronic components, Covid crisis in China, war in Ukraine… delivery times have peaked on many products in recent months.

This is the case for oil, MacBook Pros but also cars – most manufacturers now show lead times sometimes exceeding a year! In practice, the most complicated thing for the customer is now to have an estimate of the delivery date., which becomes a real headache in some companies. For example, a major TV channel always told us to wait for its 16″ MacBook Pro since the end of 2021! And Apple is not very talkative…

For some car manufacturers, which do not (yet) produce in Europe, vehicles are mainly transported by boat -which explains why sales are at their lowest in certain months. This is the case of Tesla, which imports its Model 3 and Model Y mainly from the Chinese factory in Shanghai, unfortunately cut off from the world following the political Zero Covid conducted in the country. Elon Musk has however managed to resume activity in recent weeks, which should unblock (a little) the situation.

The clever little ones therefore had fun creates a site that filters ships carrying Tesla modelsin order to be notified when they leave the ad-hoc factory.

We can moreover follow the famous Glovis Splendor which should supply all those who have ordered in recent weeks in Europe and which should soon leave the port of Shanghai.

What about Apple products? It would be more complicated : Cupertino mainly uses air transport for its products, which are distributed among different carriers (DHL, FedEx, UPS…). On the other hand, as soon as your iPhone, Mac Studio and other 16″ MacBook Pro leaves the factory, you receive a very precise tracking link – it’s not always very reliable, but it’s better than nothing!

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Shortages and delivery times: a

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