Since the leak of the documents, the Supreme Court of the United States plunged into psychosis

At the beginning of May, after an unprecedented leak of documents, the press relayed the information according to which the Supreme Court of the United States was preparing to annul the historic judgment of 1973 which recognized the right to abortion. Since then, even within the Supreme Court, everyone has wondered: “Who is the mole? as revealed by an investigation conducted by NPR.

According to an anonymous source, the atmosphere behind the scenes of the court would have become unbreathable. A few weeks ago, the judge Clarence Thomas assured that he no longer trusted his colleagues: “When you lose this link, it fundamentally changes the institution. You start to become suspicious and look over your shoulder. »

One of the judges requested the opening of an internal investigation, within the court itself. But according to Glenn Fine, former inspector general of the Department of Justice, this would only make the problem worse: “Generally, we are told that only a few people had access to the leaked material. But when we dig deeper, the number grows exponentially. »

As they progress, investigators always discover additional colleagues, office staff, administrative and IT staff, family members and friends of those working on the matter, and sometimes even journalists. A spectrum far too broad to be able to draw solid conclusions.

Regarding this leak of unprecedented magnitude, the American television channel CNN reported that the court “has taken steps to require clerks to turn over all content from their cellphones. “An unprecedented invasion of privacy, denounces one of them. The latter, terrified at the idea of ​​their lives being exposed, have already contacted lawyers.

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