Smooth Sync, Intel targets fixed refresh rate monitors

Intel Smooth Sync Technology

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Intel announces a new refresh rate technology called Smooth Sync. It accompanies Arc Alchemist graphics solutions alongside VESA Adaptive Sync support.

Smooth Sync technology is intended for laptops and desktops with fixed refresh rate screens, which is all solutions incompatible with adaptive synchronization. This technology aims to limit the tearing effect caused by a higher number of images produced by the GPU than the refresh rate of the screen. It thus makes it possible to do without the V-sync option in games.

Smooth Sync, explanations

The process is based on the following principle. The GPU ensures its maximum frame rate then a filter is applied to “blur” the tearing areas if the screen mechanics do not follow. This filter has the advantage of being accompanied by a lower latency cost than V-sync. This is a good argument since compatible entry-level laptops can boast of ensuring so-called low latency games without screen tearing.

Smooth Sync is a software feature, not a hardware one. It is part of the new features introduced by the latest Arc graphics drivers and will work with Arc “Alchemist” graphics processors.

Bow Alchemist Intel Smooth Sync

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