SolCold announces a new agreement with the Volkswagen group to develop cooling technology for a future concept car.

SolCold, based in Ness Ziona, developer of a revolutionary and ecological cooling material, announced a cooperation agreement with Konnect, the innovation center of the Volkswagen Group in Tel Aviv.

SolCold was founded by Yaron Shenhav, CEO, and nanoscience professor Guy Ron of the Racah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with support from Yissum, the Hebrew University’s technology transfer company. The company carried out feasibility tests in the laboratory of Professor Guy Ron at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, followed by three years of R&D in the SolCold laboratories to develop the revolutionary cooling material.

“We had two cars at the demo site where we were doing research,” Shenav says. “Volkswagen wanted to test a vehicle, so we did a demo that showed our technology was able to lower temperatures in the hot Israeli sun by 12-14°C (53.6-57.2°F) covering the roof and the dashboard, compared to the control vehicle. »

When sunlight comes into contact with the SolCold coating, it triggers a reaction that converts heat into radiation in a process called “anti-Stokes fluorescence.” This process increases cooling as the intensity of sunlight increases. The use of this four-layer material in the development of cars could significantly reduce energy consumption and further extend the range of electric vehicles.

Besides automotive, SolCold’s technology could have a significant impact on many other industries, enabling organizations and even cities to meet and exceed sustainability goals. Since the cooling effect of the material is enhanced by the strength of the sun’s rays, many hot climates are target markets.

“We look forward to expanding our research collaboration with Volkswagen’s Konnect,” said Mr. Shenhav. “As Europe’s largest automaker, Volkswagen Group’s use of SolCold technology could decrease carbon emissions associated with air conditioning in transport. »

SolCold is a nanotechnology company responsible for the development of revolutionary and environmentally friendly cooling technology. The company’s technology significantly reduces the strain on power grids, reducing energy consumption by up to 60% and the need for harmful HFC emissions. When sunlight comes into contact with the SolCold coating layer, it triggers a reaction that converts heat into radiation in a process called “anti-Stokes fluorescence”. Cooling increases as the strength of sunlight increases with the addition of an additional cooling mechanism in the form of a perfect blackbody emitting in the far IR. Founded in 2016, Chartered Opus and Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Yissum Technology Transfer support the company. SolCold is headquartered in, Israel.

Source: Ai-online & Israel Valley

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