SpaceX, Tesla, Twitter… Who is billionaire Elon Musk?

We hear the name of Elon Musk resonate a lot lately. The Canadian billionaire has just bought the social network Twitter for 43 billion euros and this is not his first feat. Who is this eccentric with a well-stocked wallet?

His name is associated with very large listed companies such as Tesla, SpaceX and, recently, the social network Twitter bought for the tidy sum of 43 billion euros. Elon Musk is the new Bill Gates: a bold entrepreneur who thinks big and is mad about science. Coming from a wealthy South African family, Elon Musk was born in the capital, Pretoria, in June 1971. His parents are Errol Musk, an engineer and real estate developer who also co-owns an emerald mine, and Maye Haldeman, Canadian nutritionist and model.

Very early on, Elon Musk showed an appetite for science and business: he was only 12 when he sold a video game program to a computer magazine for 500 dollars. According to Kimbal Musk, the billionaire’s brother, the young Elon was always curious and hardworking: he read two books a day every day and was interested in all subjects! Today, the brown who will soon celebrate his 51 years and is the father of 8 children, is the boss of the space agency SpaceX, has just bought Twitter and is the general manager of the electric car company Tesla.

Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet

Elon Musk’s fortune was estimated at $257 billion by Bloomberg in April 2022, or a little more than the boss of Amazon, Jeff Bezos (170 billion), the French Bernard Arnaud, boss of the LVMH group (136 billion) and the boss of Microsoft, Bill Gates (127 billion). This mountain of money, Elon Musk built it little by little by founding ingenious and revolutionary companies such as Zip2, a company which provides maps and business directories to online newspapers bought for 307 million dollars in 1999 or even X .com, specialized in online money transfer before being bought by Ebay in 2002 for 1.5 billion dollars and renamed Paypal.

By creating and reselling his boxes, Elon Musk is building up a small fortune, which he then injects into new ideas. In 2002, he founded SpaceX and began building affordable space rockets, and in 2004 he invested in Tesla Motors and, along the way, became CEO of the company that is now called Tesla.

His head always full of crazy ideas, Elon Musk thought of a simple and fast transport system for the inhabitants of California. The Hyperloop, this is the name of this project which, according to him, would cost only 6 billion dollars, is a new generation train (in fact, capsules propelled in a vacuum tunnel) which could reach a speed of more than 1200 kilometers and facilitate round trips between two major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco in just 35 minutes! An idea that crossed the mind of the businessman in 2013 and on which he could work again. Elon Musk, the man of the future?

Elon Musk, the face of success?

When we look at old photos of Elon Musk and other more recent ones of him, we realize that there has been a huge change in a few years. Like his colleagues Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and others, Elon Musk is very careful about his image and he did not hesitate to spend what it took to afford a real facelift.

“When you compare Elon Musk in his early days and today, you think you see a different person. Musk today has a much more powerful jawline and chin, higher cheekbones and fuller hair. Before, he looked soft and temperate. It was an inconvenience during business meetings in a large committee, because he did not attract attention. So he decided to fix it, and the result is there”exposes Douglas Steinbrech, eminent cosmetic surgeon for men whose clinics in New York and Beverly Hills are reserved for the elite, to The Echo.

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