Spotify buys the firm that gave back the voice to Val Kilmer


The streaming platform has got its hands on the start-up Sonantic, the origin of the technology which made it possible to simulate the voice of the American actor suffering from throat cancer in the film “Top Gun: Maverick “.

Val Kilmer reprized his role as Tom “Iceman” Kazansky in the movie “Top Gun: Maverick.”

Getty Images via AFP

Launched in 2018, Sonantic has just fallen into the hands of Swedish music streaming giant Spotify. The firm is at the origin of an artificial intelligence (AI) software which makes it possible to reproduce human voices and their nuances in a realistic way. Used in the field of entertainment, especially video games, Sonantic’s technology has also been used on the screen. It is indeed the AI ​​that made it possible to recreate the voice of Val Kilmer, in the recent film “Top Gun: Maverick”. Suffering from throat cancer, the American actor resumed his role as Tom “Iceman” Kazansky almost 30 years after the first “Top Gun” and was thus able to give the reply to Tom Cruiseduring a short scene from the action movie.

“We believe Sonantic’s technology will allow us to create high-quality experiences for our users by building on our existing technical capabilities,” wrote the streaming platform on its blog announcing the merger between the two companies. Spotify, which is aiming for one billion users by 2030, sees a first potential use of the software: “This voice technology could allow us to give users context on upcoming recommendations when they are not looking at their screen,” says the platform. She says she’s “really excited” about the potential that Sonantic’s AI voice technology can bring by integrating it with Spotify.


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