Starlink, Elon Musk’s internet service, unveils its Premium subscription for… 500 dollars per month

Superior performance, like prices

The formula was already expensive and for a basic subscription to Starlink it was necessary to count 499 euros for the material and a subscription at 99 euros per month. For its Premium subscription, SpaceX’s internet service multiplies the prices by five. It will cost $2,500 for the connection hardware and $500 per month for the subscription. Users will also need to leave a $500 deposit to reserve the new antenna.

A significant budget therefore but for improved performance as assured by the American company. The connection will be more stable and the speeds high “even during peak usage” and in “extreme weather conditions”, adds Starlink. On its site, the brand explains that users will benefit from priority assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A smaller and thinner parabola

The Starlink Premium subscription is aimed at “small offices, shops and advanced users around the world”, specifies the company which had unveiled a new dish with a rectangular design in 2021. Smaller and thinner than the original, it seems having inspired the Premium dish.

SpaceX passed the milestone of 2,000 satellites launched for Starlink in January, with nearly 1,500 active. China has also recently criticized the Starlink constellation, explaining that Elon Musk’s satellites almost collided with their space station. On social networks, some Chinese have called for a boycott of Tesla cars.

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