Syngenta brings M2i technology to market

Swiss seed and crop protection specialist Syngenta announced the expansion of its collaboration with M2i, a French expert in animal and plant biocontrol. This collaboration sees the launch of Exployo Vit, a pheromone-based solution for the protection of wine crops against pests. This technology targets in particular the vine moth, Lobesia botranawhich feeds on grapes and infects crops with the fungus Botrytis which causes vine rot. To specifically target this species, M2i relies on pheromones, hormones produced by an organism that induce a specific behavior in another member of the same species. In this case, these chemical molecules will interfere with the mating behavior of the butterfly, preventing its reproduction, without having any adverse effect on the health of individuals. This solution therefore makes it possible to participate in the preservation of biodiversity and the abundance of pollinating insects.

A launch on the European market

“M2i has developed this innovation with the winemaker in mind – leveraging our expertise to deliver a fundamentally more user-friendly and flexible product. We are delighted to see our collaboration with Syngenta entering a new phase with the launch of Exployo Vit. At the same time, we continue to jointly evaluate and explore new product opportunities where we believe we can bring more value to growers.”, said Philippe Guerret, CEO of M2i. Following its launch in the French market, Exployo Vit will be deployed in several wine-producing countries in Europe, including Spain, Portugal and Greece, within the next twelve months and subject to regulatory approvals. It will also be marketed in Latin America but under the Lobesia Pro Spray brand.


Founded in 2012, M2i has a research laboratory based in Lacq (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), a factory in Salin-de-Giraud (Bouches-du-Rhône) and a manufacturing center in Parnac (Lot). The company employs 185 people and holds 30 patent families protecting its technologies and product lines.

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