Inflation rises in the United States, so do Fed rates

Faced with inflation that continues to climb in the United States, even becoming Joe Biden’s economic priority, the American central bank is preparing to raise its key rates for the third time on Wednesday, and could accelerate the movement. The monetary policy committee, the decision-making body of the Fed, meets on Tuesday and Wednesday. A … Read more

Dollar pauses ahead of US macro data

The U.S. dollar was catching its breath on Thursday, following its jump the day before, ahead of the release of U.S. macroeconomic data on private business payrolls and the U.S. labor market for May. Around 9 a.m., the dollar lost 0.31% to 1.0683 dollars for one euro. The day before, “robust US data and dwindling … Read more

Fed determined to curb inflation, several more half-point hikes ‘probably appropriate’

Managers want “quickly return monetary policy to a neutral path”. US central bank officials have said they are determined to bring inflation down sharply, and most of them estimated at their last meeting in early May that several more half-point rate hikes will be “probably necessary”. Read alsoWall Street opens lower while waiting for the … Read more

growth but not too much to curb inflation, recommends the chairman of the Fed

American growth must remain positive without being too strong to be able to curb inflation, indicated Tuesday May 17 the president of the American central bank (Fed), Jerome Powell. “What we really need is to get growth back down from its very high levels of last year, to slow down while remaining positive.“, so that … Read more

Controlling inflation won’t be painless, warns Fed Chairman

The fight against inflation, which is in the United States at its highest for 40 years, risks weighing on economic growth and employment, warned Thursday, May 12 the president of the American central bank, just confirmed for a second term by the Senate. Read alsoInflation: “It is inconceivable that my employees are losing purchasing power» … Read more

Inflation, Ukraine and China, risks for financial stability in the United States, worries the Fed

The risks for financial stability in the United States have increased over the past six months, the American central bank (Fed) warned on Monday May 9 in a report, citing inflation, the war in Ukraine or the difficulties of the real estate sector. in China. Read alsoAccording to INSEE, inflation will soar to 5.4% over … Read more

The recession in the United States, a scenario that is taking hold

High inflation and monetary tightening could break growth. In Washington Credible voices, more and more numerous, announce a recession in the United States. While full employment reigns there again and the consensus of economists puts growth this year at nearly 3%, the prediction seems quite alarmist. According to a poll, 81% of Americans see this … Read more

Fed ready to raise rates ‘more aggressively’ if needed

The Fed raised its key rates on Wednesday, for the first time since 2018, in order to combat high inflation. The American central bank is ready to accelerate the rise in its rates in 2022, and to raise them by more than a quarter of a percentage point on one or more occasions if necessary, … Read more