Twitter shareholders vote in favor of proposed takeover of Elon Musk

Published on : 09/14/2022 – 04:33 Twitter shareholders on Tuesday approved by 98.6% the agreement to buy the platform by billionaire Elon Musk, a month before the start of the trial which aims to force the latter to honor his commitment. At the same time, Peiter Zatko, the former head of security for the social … Read more

Elon Musk takes Twitter off the stock market after a big stake

Published on : 04/04/2022 – 16:03Modified : 04/04/2022 – 16:50 Twitter stock soared on Monday after Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet, acquired more than 73 million shares. A great user of the social network but also critical of its operation, the boss of SpaceX thus becomes the first shareholder of the platform. … Read more

Elon Musk says US should release some people in jail

Decidedly, being in the foreground is the favorite pastime of the wealthy Elon Musk. Just yesterday, he posted a tweet commenting on a US-Russian prisoner swap offer. This prisoner exchange was allegedly made by the Joe Biden administration in order to free WNBA star “Brittney Griner”. Moreover, this is not the first time that Elon … Read more

two ex-employees want to initiate a class action for illegal dismissal – Liberation

Two former employees of Elon Musk’s company filed a complaint on Sunday against the company after a dismissal they believe violates federal law. According to them, thousands of other employees would be affected. On John Lynch’s LinkedIn account, the little words of former colleagues scroll sadly: “You are an excellent leader, mentor and man. Wherever … Read more

Tesla now valued at 1 trillion dollars, Musk takes 36 billion in one day – Liberation

After a colossal order from the rental company Hertz, the market capitalization of the American manufacturer of electric cars has reached a new record, to the greatest benefit of its boss. The American car manufacturer of electric cars Tesla joined this Monday the very select club of companies worth more than 1,000 billion dollars on … Read more

Teslas involved in 273 accidents in the United States

In total, Tesla models were the subject of nearly 70% of the reports of the 392 accidents listed, for almost all between July 2021 and mid-May 2022, according to the NHTSA. Tesla-branded vehicles equipped with self-driving software have been involved in 273 crashes in the United States, according to a report released Wednesday by the … Read more

Oil weakens on inflation and fears of recession in the United States

Oil prices slid on Monday, weighed down by fears of economic recession and galloping inflation in major crude-consuming countries like the United States, when in China, the possibility of new confinements in the largest cities worries. Around 9:20 a.m., a barrel of Brent from the North Sea for delivery in August lost 1.11% to 120.66 … Read more

Gasoline climbs above five dollars a gallon in the United States

>>Inflation picks up again in May in the United States >> Refineries, bottleneck which aggravates the soaring of gasoline >>Fuels: fall in prices, after record highs of more than two euros per liter At a gas station in the United States. Photo: AFP/VNA/CVN This level, a record, is fueling inflation and represents bad news for … Read more

Iran and Venezuela strengthen their partnership against the United States

Nearly 12,000 kilometers, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean separate them. But Iran and Venezuela have consolidated and perpetuated their strategic and political proximity, during the visit of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, Saturday, June 11, to Iran, after Algeria and Turkey. Its calendar owed nothing to chance and constituted in itself a snub to … Read more