Technology in Burkina: NAYANE, a multifunction application to help parents of students

NAYANE is an application created to help parents choose their children’s schools as well as the payment of various fees. This application is overseen by a structure called Children paradise which operates in the field of education and health. With a view to finding approaches to cover the care and well-being needs of children and women, she set up this application presented on Thursday, May 5, 2022 in Ouagadougou.

This application offers several possibilities. These include, among other things, sponsorship of children, control of the vaccination schedule, search for schools… The application makes it easier for parents and allows them to reconcile their professional life and the education of children. It also allows them to have information on the children’s schools, regular updates and the opinion of other parents.

An important component that the application holds is that of health. The application makes it possible to raise awareness and train in disease prevention. Regarding the child sponsorship component, it consists of covering the child’s tuition fees during a school year.

The co-founder, Raymond Ouédraogo, wanted to reassure on the reliability of payments. “You should know that the various payment partners involved in the NAYANE application are reliable. This is the case of Moov Africa,” he said.

co-founder Raymond Ouédraogo: this application makes it easier for parents

The representative of the General Manager of Moov Africa, Gérald Lompo, made it clear that they are the operator that covers more of the national territory and they are working to be even more reliable. “I can assure you that Moov Africa has always been the operator with the widest telephone coverage throughout the national territory. Despite the insecurity that leads to difficulties in accessing certain sites, we are continually working to provide the population with mobile and fixed Internet. We are continuing to work to improve this situation in order to be able to allow people to have access to service platforms and to be able to make payments via Moov money”, he said.

He also added that Moov Africa accompanies the application for the various remote payments. “Moov Africa, as a reference global operator, is also part of this dynamic. On a daily basis, we work to provide populations with high-speed connection solutions at very affordable prices. We also provide the Moov money solution which is used today by millions of Burkinabè and which allows citizens to make payments remotely”.

The representative Gérald Lompo: we provide populations with broadband connections

The application is only available on Play store on Android only. According to the co-founder, the application is completely free, the information is available on the application, the only condition is to have an account for the various transactions.

The expected result at the end of 2022 is to contract 350 to 450 establishments, to have more than 50,000 children registered and to have more than 200,000 transactions between 1,500 and 2,000 users per day.

Bela Nefertari Ouedraogo (trainee)

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