Telecommuting: the director of machine learning at Apple would have resigned

Ian Goodfellow, the director of machine learning in the Special Projects group has reportedly tendered his resignation from Apple. In question, a lack of flexibility in the possibilities of remote work.

The interested party did not comment and his Linkedin was not modified, but Zoë Schiffer from The Vergewhich closely follows the news of Apple employees, had awareness remarks made in the message addressed to his team.

Ian Goodfellow

He reports disagreement with the terms of Apple’s new return-to-work policy now in effect. I firmly believe that more flexibility would have been the best policy for my team “. A statement that suggests that the malaise is more widely shared.

Ian Goodfellow was poached exactly four years ago at Google. He worked there in particular on techniques which made it possible to make very realistic images. Like those where the face of an individual is applied to the body of another in videos of confusing realism. Animations qualified as “deep fake” as they can deceive those who watch them about the real identity of the person they see speaking.

Artificial intelligence: Apple poaches another big name from Google

Artificial intelligence: Apple poaches another big name from Google

Announced by Tim Cook in January 2021, the implementation of the new hybrid work organization at Apple has been constantly postponed due to sudden outbreaks of the health crisis. It finally came into force on April 11.

It consists of a return one day a week. Then two days and from May 23, it is the organization with three days a week in person which must take over. It will be necessary to be on site on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – so that meetings can be organized more easily.

The other two days are freely usable for teleworking. But this flexibility is variable geometry depending on the positions of individuals or groups. All activities and their constraints are not equal.

Chance of the calendar, a former human resources of Apple described this week a more collaborative working method that had been implemented at Apple, first for people working on the AirPods Pro. It had been partly inspired by what had been observed with the Camera team.

With the AirPods Pro, Apple would have tested a more collaborative working method

With the AirPods Pro, Apple would have tested a more collaborative working method

There were no references to the benefits or disadvantages of working from home, but both are groups working on product design where software is a big part of it, but hardware so much.

There is reason to consider both in the decision to introduce telework with more or less flexibility. The creation of hardware inevitably requires much more collaboration and face-to-face discussions than that of software. This was suggested by another article from last December, this time produced with the help of Apple, which opened the doors of its design studio a little.

Open doors in the new design studio of

Open house at the new design studio in Apple Park


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