Tesla: a price increase for semi-automatic driving

As it does regularly, Tesla has just made price increases. It is not directly the vehicles that are concerned this time, but rather options and costs.

More specifically, the famous “Semi-automatic driving capability”, although not yet fully developed, now costs $12,800 instead of $10,600 in Canada. This is an increase that was not expected and that several Tesla enthusiasts and customers consider unjustified, as can be read on social networks.

Recall that this optional feature includes navigation with Autopilot, automatic lane change, parking and exit maneuvers, a fully automatic driving computer, control of traffic lights and stop signs. To this will eventually be added lane-keeping assistance in urban streets.

Photo: Tesla

Tesla admits that its technology as currently deployed still requires active driver supervision. In other words, it allows assisted but not autonomous driving, contrary to what its name suggests. Vehicles will, however, be able to receive software updates over the air that will improve their capabilities in the future.

In addition, we note that the company has increased its documentation and destination fees from $1,280 to $1,880 for all of its models. This is considerable, but it must be said that Tesla is only catching up with the rest of the industry, as its fees were by far among the lowest.

The Model 3 retains its suggested retail price (MSRP) of $59,990, which still makes it eligible for the Quebec provincial rebate of $8,000.

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