Tesla brings a major update to its software

Tesla has released a software update for its electric cars. It offers many new features, as well as more or less important features.

The majority of updates that Tesla introduces in its cars are minor evolutions. These usually contain fixes and improvements for specific features. But in the case of the 2021.24 update, the deployment of which is underway, many changes are coming to the cars of Elon Musk’s firm. These changes affect features as well as additional modes and programs.

A specific mode for washing your Tesla

The main novelty is the addition of a new mode dedicated to washing your car. This allows you to fear less possible problems with your Tesla when it is under a roller or when it goes to the karcher.

“Car Wash Mode closes all windows, locks the charging port, and disables windshield wipers and sentry mode”details the manufacturer. “For automatic car washes, the Free Wheel option switches to neutral and prevents the parking brake from applying automatically when you leave. To access it, tap “Controls, Service, Car Wash Mode” » specifies the manufacturer.

Dascham, autonomy, rear view mirror… Tesla multiplies the improvements

Besides this new mode, Tesla has also improved the TeslaCams. On the manufacturer’s vehicles, it is the Autopilot cameras that serve as recorders. Now these cameras can launch on their own, where previously human intervention was required.

“The dashcam can automatically record videos when your vehicle detects a security event. The recordings are stored and never transmitted to Tesla”continues the brand.

Also with a view to improving the user experience, Tesla has added an alternative display for battery consumption. It is now possible to see either the amount of kilometers that can be traveled, or the percentage remaining.

In addition, Tesla now offers the deactivation of its electrochromatic rearview mirror. Indeed, many users had asked for the possibility of canceling the automatic tinting of the central mirror. It will therefore be possible to activate or deactivate this feature, which is very useful during long journeys, but not always appreciated. Again, the operation is done in the car’s controls menu.

Keep Wi-Fi on… and enjoy Disney+!

Contrary to what was in force before, the Wi-Fi remains active when the car is moving. Previously, simply rolling the car would automatically turn it off.

“To stay connected to Wi-Fi while shifting a gear, touch the Wi-Fi icon, then go to Wi-Fi Settings”, indicates the mark. The option to activate this feature is then located in this sub-menu.

Finally, Tesla has added a streaming service to its Tesla Theater. There were already YouTube, Netflix, Twitch or even the video services of the major American channels across the Atlantic. It is now possible to display the Disney+ catalog there.

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