Tesla has recalled a significant number of cars again

Tesla has staged a new recall of 130,000 vehicles of various models for an issue related to the infotainment system overheating.

Tesla regularly makes the news for a variety of reasons. Among the latest figure a new reminder of a significant number of vehicles this month. 129,960 Tesla Model 3, S, Y and Model X from 2021 and 2022 have been recalled by the manufacturer. In question ? A problem of infotainment system overheating.

Before and during fast charging periodsa computer chip can not cooling enoughreports CNN Business. This leads to a slow processing or a system reboot. Infotainment is therefore slowed down at best, inaccessible at worst.

This system is very important for drivers. It actually serves to navigation, music, air conditioning, or even the reversing camera. The Austin firm told a traffic safety body that it had identified 59 reports related to this error. To fix this problem, Tesla replaced the problematic chip in January. But since April a software update was created.

This update will take place from a distance. Like that of a phone application. She will refresh the system, and owners won’t have to take their vehicle to the garage. It’s already that less for them, as for the mechanics.

Tesla continues recalls

This is already the seventh 2022 model recall of Tesla Model 3. But also the sixth of Model Y, produced the same year. All of these reminders were fixed by remote updates.

The Model 3 and Model S produced between 2014 and 2021 have also recently been subject to a recall. The big difference is that it needed more than an update to fix the problem. In effect, the hood could open in some cases, at high speed.

In a lighter area, the manufacturer also stood out for having displayed some bugs on its application. A man received a bill for €550,000 for a recharge earlier in the year. When another has -almost-succeeded in ordering products displayed at… €0.00.

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