Tesla just released its Cyberquad, but there’s a catch

Tesla has just marketed the Cyberquad. This is the electric quad that was announced with the Cybertruck. However, this is not the Cyberquad you were expecting.

During the presentation of the Cybertruck, an electric pickup, Tesla accompanied it with an electric quad. This vehicle, of which not much is known at the moment, could interest off-road enthusiasts… Elon Musk had confirmed that it would be optional with the purchase of the pickup, and not available for sale alone.

Tesla Cybertruck

For children eight years and older

This morning (December 2, 2021), Tesla therefore marketed its Cyberquad. However, this is the version for children. This quad looks like an intimidating robot with its angular bodywork, it features an all-steel frame, padded seat and adjustable suspension with rear disc brakes.

Tesla just released its Cyberquad, but there's a catch

It can travel 24.1 kilometers on its battery with a top speed of 16 km/h. It’s suitable for ages eight and up…so if you’re an adult, it’s not for you. Count 1900 dollars… an excessively expensive toy which is therefore aimed at wealthy parents who are passionate about Tesla. On the other hand, there, we are clearly in the target of the American manufacturer.

Tesla just released its Cyberquad, but there's a catch

As a reminder, Tesla marketed a $50 whistle yesterday. It sold out in minutes…

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