Tesla not as autonomous as claimed by Elon…

In addition to electric propulsion, You’re here also founded much of its reputation on the embedded technologies by its vehicles and in particular the famous AutoPilot which allows driving with a certain autonomy in several situations. Anyway, that’s what claims Elon Musk. That said, if it is true that Tesla seems to have a certain lead over other manufacturers in this area, Teslas are clearly not yet autonomous cars. And this is obviously what the powerful California motor vehicle agency (DVM).

the Department of Motor Vehicles even filed complaint with a court, accusing the manufacturer of lying to its customers about its autonomous driving technologies. For DMV, Tesla would have disseminated false or misleading statements. In a press release relayed by the Los Angeles Times, the DMV indicates that “Tesla cars have never been able, and cannot today, function as autonomous vehicles”.

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Tesla Autopilot

“The DMV will ask Tesla to better inform and educate Tesla drivers on the real capacities of its features AutoPilot and Full Self-Driving, including warning them about the limits of these features and for other appropriate actions in view of the violations,” the American newspaper further specified in its columns.

If this legal attack of the DMV might put a smile on the face of many, don’t underestimate his potential consequences. Indeed, if the court agreed with the DMV’s opinion, it could lead to the revocation of licenses allowing Tesla to manufacture or sell its cars in California. Which is certainly not nothing…

273 accidents in one year

This step up comes at a very bad time for Tesla, as in a report released in June, theU.S. Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA) highlighted the fact that You’re here equipped with autonomous driving software have been involved in 273 crashes in the United States last year. This agency is also investigating the manufacturer’s driver assistance system and its conclusions are expected shortly.

Often in the accidentswe see that the driver mistakenly relies entirely on theAutoPilot while this device is considered a driver assistance level 2that is, it is able to accelerate or decelerate and turn the steering wheel, but it still requires a attentive driver, ready to take back control at any time. It is true that Elon Musk is strongly pushing the idea of ​​autonomous driving on Teslas. He had also declared that, without the AutoPilot, the value of his company would be close to zero…

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