Tesla: the optional charging cable

Elon Musk, big boss of Tesla and owner of Twitter, has announced that the American manufacturer’s models will no longer be delivered with a standard charging cable. Customers wishing to have it will have to order it as an option… at half price. A decision made on the basis of statistics on the use of said cable by Tesla car owners.

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Cable (almost) useless

According to Elon Musk, a majority of Tesla customers do not use the cable that comes with their vehicle to charge it. The latter generally use the cable from the Tesla network Supercharger terminals or the one supplied with the domestic terminal they have at home. From then on, the usefulness of the cable “offered” with the car becomes very relative. By removing it from the standard equipment, Tesla saves money on expensive electrical wiring. However, Tesla will continue to offer the charging cable to customers who want to own one. It will therefore be sold… at half price, according to Elon Musk.

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In absolute terms, with the network of Superchargers and domestic terminals – or in the workplace – the usefulness of a cable carried in the vehicle becomes largely debatable. All the more so now that competing networks are becoming denser and that owners of electric cars are adapting in terms of managing their battery charge.

In the end, if Tesla’s decision is not devoid of logic, it remains strongly tinged with commercial opportunism. In fact, the “on-board” cable is a convenient troubleshooting solution in certain situations and all domestic or public terminals – at work, in the street or at home – are not systematically provided with an integrated cable. In addition, the latter can also be faulty and having an alternative solution can be useful. The future will tell if other manufacturers follow this trend.

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