Tesla to call on Samsung to produce the next Autopilot chip

According to the Korea Economic Daily, Tesla is currently in talks with Samsung to produce its next generation of HW4.0 chips, dedicated to autonomous driving. This new chip should equip the Cybertruck as soon as it is launched, scheduled for next year.
According to the Korean newspaper, the negotiations would be rather advanced. Indeed, the two parties would have already agreed on a production from the end of the year for a chip which should be engraved in 7 nm.

For Cybertruck FSD

Remember that after a particularly tense collaboration with Nvidia, Tesla decided in 2016 to produce its own SoCs. The recruitment of Jim Keller, a former AMD and Apple, gone since, went precisely in this direction. Indeed, very quickly the manufacturer called on Samsung to develop the HW3.0 chip.
This component is particularly critical for Tesla both from a performance point of view and for the image of the brand. Indeed, internally, the chip is called “FSD Computer”, in other words the autonomous driving computer.
However, as Elon Musk has repeatedly pointed out, Tesla’s value is based more on its software capabilities than on the mechanical part of the vehicles.

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Also see video:

As for the choice of engraving in 7 nm, it can also challenge insofar as the first chips engraved in 5 nm have already seen the light of day. For Tesla, it would be a well-considered choice. The Californian manufacturer would consider that it does not have enough perspective on the reliability of chips engraved in 5 nm, but the more affordable price of 7 nm chips would also have played a major role in the reflection.
Finally, the Korean newspaper specifies that the role of Samsung should not be limited to this SoC in the Cybertruck. Indeed, on the sidelines of these negotiations, the two giants signed a contract of half a billion dollars relating to the next cameras of the futuristic pickup from Tesla.

Source : Korea Economic Daily

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