Tesla will soon offer Steam games in its car

Tesla is preparing to offer AAA video games in its car, as soon as the latter is autonomous.

Many people have still not bought electric cars, because the charging time is much longer than the time you can spend at the gas pump with your thermal car. In order to make this waiting time, which is often close to half an hour in super fast charging, as pleasant as possible, Tesla has for many years been offering games to entertain the driver during these moments of break at the edge of the road. roads.

Pass the time charging

While the technologies to make the charging times of electric cars as short as possible are still in their infancy, with Ford in particular working on making a very high voltage cable, Tesla would rely on temporary solutions to best occupy the driver and make these break times as pleasant as possible.

Today, the preferred solution while your Tesla is charging, if you want to stay in the cabin, is of course to play various and varied games on the large central screen of the car. The latter provides access to an already quite extensive catalog, but according to information from Tesla itself, the firm is about to make a real leap forward in terms of the catalog of games available within his car.

AAA games directly on board

Indeed it was Elon Musk, boss of the brand, who announced that he wanted to integrate games present today on the very famous Steam platform directly into the car of the American firm. These resource-intensive games should be able to run without too many problems on the latest versions of the Model S and the Model X, two cars which have, in their best configuration, a very powerful GPU and the very latest processor from AMD.

According to Elon Musk, these video games could arrive on the brand’s cars in a few years, especially when Tesla cars have reached stage 5, the last level of autonomous driving which no longer requires any human assistance in no circumstance. Once this grade has been reached, Tesla should therefore be able to focus on the passenger experience, and in particular on their entertainment. It would therefore be possible to play the biggest games on the market at the time, all from your car, which would only take you from point A to point B.

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