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Guadeloupe: elected officials call for recognition of the state of natural disaster

PS parliamentarians from Guadeloupe wrote to the Prime Minister on Tuesday asking him to recognize the state of natural disaster after the floods that hit the center of the island overnight from Friday to Saturday, killing at least two people. “We ask the government to recognize the state of natural disaster, to strengthen cooperation with communities to increase investments against the artificialization of soils”tweeted PS Senator Victorin Lurel, publishing the letter addressed to Jean Castex.

In this missive to the head of government, elected officials ask“experiment with innovative tools” to “revitalize the risk culture of populations”. Before them, the deputy Olivier Serva (LREM) had said, from April 30, to act “at his level” for the recognition of the state of natural disaster, quickly joined by local elected officials and regional councilors of the opposition. Three days later, department president Guy Losbar made the same request: “The current situation also requires a strong commitment from the government”he wrote in a press release.

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During the night from Friday to Saturday, the cumulative rainfall, sometimes exceeding that of certain cyclones including Maria in 2017, led to a rapid rise in water levels, trapping many motorists in their cars, and causing extensive damage. After major floods in Guadeloupe in 2011 and 2012, the local authorities launched an action and flood prevention plan (Papi), particularly in the very vulnerable Grands Fonds area. Guadeloupe is very concerned by the risk of flooding due to climate change.

The right to abortion in danger in the United States, Biden beats the recall on the left

Explosive revelations about the United States Supreme Court, which seems ready to send the right to abortion back 50 years, prompted President Joe Biden on Tuesday to call back a left in shock. saying to himself “very worried”the president called on Americans to “choose candidates” in favor of the right to abortion during the legislative elections in the fall. The Politico site caused a political explosion on Monday evening by revealing, on the basis of an unpublished leak of an internal document, that a majority of the justices of the Supreme Court were ready to bury the judgment “Roe v. Wade” of 1973, which protects the right of American women to terminate their pregnancies.

The Supreme Court confirmed the authenticity of the text – a draft judgment dated February – while stressing that it did not represent a decision “final”, eagerly awaited. If the Court were to adopt it, each of the 50 American states would regain the right to prohibit abortion on its soil and half of them, mainly in the South and the conservative and religious Center, would have to take this route. The Republican governors of Tennessee and South Dakota signaled Monday that they would not delay.

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Without even waiting to hear the final position of the Supreme Court, which must rule before June 30, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a law on Tuesday that prohibits women in his state from having abortions after six weeks. of pregnancy. Copy of a Texas law in force since September 1, the text encourages citizens to sue doctors or clinics performing abortions beyond this term, in exchange for financial compensation. The day before, Democratic governors of several states including California, New Mexico and Michigan, had on the contrary announced that they wanted to enshrine the legality of the right to abortion even if the Court annulled “Roe v. Wade».

American executed in Missouri after legal marathon

The state of Missouri on Tuesday executed a man who had been sentenced to death three times for a double murder committed more than a quarter of a century ago. Carman Deck, 56, received a lethal injection at 6:10 p.m. local time at Bonne Terre Penitentiary in the central United States, the state prison service said. On Monday, Missouri Governor Mike Parson refused to grant him clemency and commute his sentence to life imprisonment, as demanded by local activists.

The Supreme Court of the United States also rejected on Monday a last appeal from his lawyers, making him the 5th convict executed in the United States since January 1. In 1996, Carman Deck killed an elderly couple, James and Zelma Long, in suburban St. Louis. He always admitted his responsibility for the crime. According to the Kansas City Star newspaper, whose editorial writers pleaded for his sentence to be commuted, the Missouri Supreme Court in 2002 overturned the verdict of a first trial, on the grounds that his lawyers had poorly defended him. In particular, they had failed to expose his difficult childhood in foster families.

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The Supreme Court of the United States had invalidated in 2005 a second lawsuit, where it had been presented with hindrances with the feet, the wrists and the abdomen likely to influence the perception of the jurors. In 2008, he received the death penalty in a third trial, but the sentence was overturned in 2017 by a federal judge, on the grounds that all available evidence had not been presented to jurors. An appeals court, however, restored the decision in 2020, a decision later upheld by the state Supreme Court.

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