The Canado technique opts for the insertion of women in technique and technology

The Vocational Training Center of Haiti, commonly known as Canado-Technique, opens this Saturday the fifth edition of the “Skills Fair”. This event takes place around the theme “women at the heart of technique and technology for a prosperous and competitive Haiti”

Port-au-Prince, May 7, 2022.- The Skills Fair aims to be a meeting place between the world of education and that of work. This was explained to a reporter from Vant bèf Info, Danielle Morin around the merits of this event. She is the Deputy Director of Continuing Education at Canado-Technique.

Two observations justify the realization of this show. First, “Many of our companies recruit technicians from abroad. It costs them a lot more money. In addition, these employees leave at the slightest socio-political disturbance,” she points out. “Indeed, to overcome this problem, we decided to create this show to highlight the skills of our young technicians,” clarifies Ms. Morin.

The second observation concerns parents’ perception of technical professions. “Choosing the technical path is not synonymous with failures”, insists the lawyer. “Canada, China have been developed thanks to the technique”, maintains the wife of judge Jean Wilner Morin. We want Haitian parents to change their mentality. They must know that the technique is not for the failures. On the contrary, technology is for the intellectuals and the intelligent, “says the head of the fair. For their part, students present their achievements.

These include, among others, projects for solar-powered traffic lights, automatic drills, hybrid telephone networks, etc.

All these works were designed with the aim of responding to a specific problem facing the country, they explain.

The latter study electromechanics, industrial mechanics, telecommunications and computer networks. This technical and technological fair is held on May 7 and 8.

Secondary school students from different schools in the metropolitan area, academics, business leaders participate, we note.

Jean Allens Macajoux

Vant Bèf Info (VBI)

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