the car can turn into a boat in case of flooding

In recent days, we have seen some videos of the Tesla Model 3 crossing flooded areas as if everything was normal. This asset was quickly named “boat mode” by many drivers.

Teslas do well in waters too deep for other cars. One of the things that can help a Tesla float is the fact that it has a very small air intake. On thermal cars, water can enter an internal combustion engine through the air intake and destroy the entire engine.

Tesla Model 3 in full flood – Credit: @ray4tesla and @_LanJun / Twitter

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Tesla vehicles driving through large bodies of water. A few days ago, we saw an impressive video of a Tesla Model 3 going through a heavy flood in China. Last year, we also reported that a Model 3 came through a flood in China almost half-submerged in water.

Tesla’s ability to deal with flooding has been named “Boat Mode” by many users. As seen in the video below, water covers the wheels of the Model 3, but the car continues to drive pushing all the water away. However, all other vehicles in the vicinity are paralyzed. The Tesla is the only one to continue to move without difficulty.

Tesla cars can turn into boats

As early as 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that even though he wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, a Model S could act as a boat for a very short time, using the movement of the wheels as a thrust to move forward. Elon Musk claimed the same thing earlier last year. According to him, a Cybertruck will be able to float in water for a while. The latter should arrive within a few months.

China is regularly hit by typhoons, and to cope with this, Tesla has launched a few initiatives to enable its vehicles to withstand occasional flooded roads. Indeed, among these initiatives, we find a test area at the Shanghai Gigafactory that simulates flooded streets. The Model 3s manufactured in China have therefore all been tested in this installation, which is original to say the least.

Source: Teslarati

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