the design of the new Apple smartphone is revealed in a video

Notice to Apple fans! Images of the next iPhone 14 have been revealed in a video. Follow the leader !

While the iPhone 14s are expected in September 2022, a video of the design of the new Apple product has just leaked on the YouTube page of leaker Sonny Dickson, reports QG magazine.

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Four different models

Next September, the brand with the bitten apple will put on sale four different versions of its iPhone. This time, the American firm has decided to give up on the iPhone mini. From then on, future buyers will have the choice between the iPhone Pro Max (6.7 inches), the iPhone Pro (6.1 inches), the iPhone 14 Max (6.7 inches) and the iPhone 14 ( 6.1 inches).

On the design side, this latest smartphone resembles – except for a few details – its predecessor. This is what the models made by Sonny Dickson suggest. The pro models will no longer be equipped with the famous notch, specifies the iPhone Soft site.

New colors available

For its part, QG indicates that the next iPhone will be entitled to new colors. But that’s not all ! It will also be equipped with a new 48 megapixel photo sensor. A detail that will allow users to film in 8K.

Finally, the phones will be equipped with a more efficient battery, and an even more powerful A16 chip. The models will also benefit from the new version iOS 16. For the moment, we do not know if the iPhone 14 will be sold with or without a charger. In order to reduce its ecological footprint, Apple decided in 2020 to remove the charger unit and headphones from smartphone boxes.

Note that the next Apple Keynote is scheduled for September 2022. This long-awaited conference will focus on the next iPhone 14.

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