The entry of Elon Musk into the capital of Twitter worries employees

Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk, who recently acquired just over 9% of the capital of Twitter, will soon meet with the group’s employees for a question and answer session, a spokesperson confirmed to AFP on Friday. of the company. Twitter did not wish to specify where, when and in what format this meeting would take place. According to the Washington Post, several Twitter employees raised concerns after Mr. Musk joined the board, saying in particular that the billionaire’s values ​​were not in line with the social network’s corporate culture. . “We know he has harmed employees, the trans community, women and others with less power around the world,” one employee wrote in a message from internal discussion, quoted by the Washington Post. “How are we going to reconcile this decision (to bring Mr. Musk on the board of directors, editor’s note) with our values? Is innovation taking precedence over humanity? employee). The Washington Post states that Twitter executives were quick to reassure employees about Mr. Musk’s future role, promising that he would not be responsible for major company decisions. On Thursday, Mr. Musk posted a photo on Twitter where he is seen holding a joint, surrounded by a halo of smoke. The snap, taken from one of his appearances on host Joe Rogan’s podcast, comes with the following caption: “Next Twitter board meeting is going to be exhilarating.”

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