The eye and the beam: Elon Musk pokes fun at Apple’s rag with a $50 cyberwhistle

The Cyberwhistle is the new unnecessary derivative product marketed by Tesla. Elon Musk knows it, and has fun with it. He can afford it, as his fans flock to any item he puts up for sale, no matter how trivial.

Don’t waste your money on that stupid Apple squeegee, buy our whistle instead! ” It’s a tweet that Elon Musk published on December 1, 2020, along with a link to the online store of Tesla, the manufacturer specializing in electric cars.

There is a whistle (yes, a whistle) like the Cybertruck, the electric pickup presented 3 years ago by Tesla, but still not marketed by the brand (large production volumes are only expected for 2023) .

On the product sheet of the famous whistle, we can read: “ Inspired by the Cybertruck, the limited edition Cyberwhistle is a premium collectible, crafted from (medical grade) stainless steel with an appliqué finishe” then a strange addition: “ Whistle includes built-in clip functionality for added versatility. »

After the billionaire’s tweet, it was quickly posted “out of stock”, but some Internet users confirmed on Twitter that they had managed to obtain one – which proves that the object does exist and that it is not just a high-flying “troll” exercise. Also showing, by the way, that Elon Musk fans always have money to squander when it comes to laughing among the rich.

Apple’s rag versus Tesla’s mini-shorts

Elon Musk is not fooled: he shows second degree by ridiculing Apple’s rag while he himself is used to useless derivatives. It’s not the first time, and it probably won’t be the last, that Tesla has launched ridiculous merchandise to reinforce its “cool” and different corporate image: we saw S3XY hotpants, a surfboard, tequila and soon a future Tesla beer. And it works: fans buy, either out of taste for the “joke”, or hoping to be able to resell the product for a higher price if it becomes a collector’s item.

Musk had already made fun of Apple’s cloth in October 2021, four days after Tim Cook’s multinational presented this piece of fabric sold far too expensive for what it is ($19 across the Atlantic, 25 euros in France), but flocked with an Apple logo. Of course, the apple is expensive. And yet, the product has also been torn off: if it is not out of stock, it is now necessary to wait 6 to 8 weeks to obtain it. In the meantime, you can also use any other $2 cloth to clean your computer screen.

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