The French type en masse “how to know if we are in love?” on Google

In 2022, will you find your soul mate? If so, do you have to wait until the end of the year, the holidays by the sea, or will an opportunity arise in the spring? In France, despite a decline in searches for the fifth consecutive year, many of you are still asking Google to find out more about your romantic future.

In a blog post, the search engine took stock of the major trends of 2022 on this subject. Like never before, the query “how to know if you are in love” has exploded at more than 1000% growth in one year. But other more specific requests give an overview of the most popular needs among French people. With or without a dating site, with or without flirting, here is everything Google has searched for you.

love queries on google

One of the most unusual, which has happened again this year, is the tendency to search for “when is Valentine’s Day” on Google. In 2022, the search engine says 100,000 queries were made that year. At the same time, another question saw a 58% jump over one year. Much more crunchy besides: “how to say I love you without saying it?”.


Up 310%, the query “when will I find love” does exist and leads to several tests, quizzes and numerology page to estimate your greatest chances of finding love. Astrology is not missing, and a media even offers to discover the most favorable dates for dating in the year. Spoiler: if you want to start off on the right foot, arrange a date on April 15.

As meetings are organized more and more on applications, Google has seen an increase in the number of requests about Tinder and friends. So, according to the search engine’s blog post, many searched for a “funny Tinder bio” (up 15% YoY).

In the available data, Google also wondered about the tendency among some to want to find a dating site where they can organize a date with only “celebrities” or “high intellectual potential”.

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And you, what did you search on Google for your romantic future?

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