The hotels that cost more in the United States, the 555 million euros that have been paid by Australia to Naval Group… The economic flash of the day

The figure of the day: 555 million. This is the sum, in euros, paid to Naval Group by Australia for the costs of breaking the “contract of the century”, the affair of the French submarines. Australia has agreed to pay 555 million euros for the breach of the gigantic contract of 56 billion euros, which had led to a diplomatic crisis between Paris and Canberra. It all started with this thunderclap in September 2021, the Australian Prime Minister, who was still Scott Morrison, suddenly ended the French contract in preparation for ten years. He announced that his country would eventually buy American or British nuclear-powered submarines instead of French submarines. He had drawn the wrath of French President Emmanuel Macron who had accused him of deception. Relations between the two countries had remained icy until the election of a new prime minister. This compensation agreement should allow the two countries to open a new page between France and Australia, as explained by Sébastien Lecornu, the Minister for the Armed Forces.

The rant of the day was pushed by Marseille owners, who do not accept to see their property tax increase by 14%. 238 of them filed a lawsuit against this increase. The city council of the city had decided to adopt such an increase on April 8, due in particular to “new expenses”, in particular “the increase in the index point” of the salary of civil servants and “the price of energy”, then explained the deputy in charge of Finance, Joël Canicave, with our colleagues from La Provence on April 4. For Jacques Gobert, the owners’ lawyer, who denounces a “local racket”. “A few days before the vote, the municipality was talking about everything except the increase in this tax” which was done “on the sly” according to him, while it is “a completely unprecedented increase in Marseille”.

Practical information Capital concerns the French who wish to go to the United States for their next vacation, and who could be surprised by the prices of hotel rooms, which have risen sharply in recent months. And the rise is expected to continue, CNBC says. Because for several months, the demand has increased sharply. With the end of the Covid test requirement on arrival, lifted by Joe Biden for foreign travellers, demand should be all the stronger this summer, with the massive return of tourists from all over the world. Add to that individuals, who have saved more over the past two years than usual, and companies, which have also made little use of their budgets for large face-to-face meetings, leisure activities and team building. Consequence: prices, already 30% saltier than before the pandemic, will continue to rise.

And we end with this story, to say the least unusual, told by the Swedish press about sexy trash cans. Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden, has decided to test a new method to encourage its citizens to deposit more waste, and to fight against illegal dumping of garbage cans in the locality. The municipality had already installed talking trash cans in 2017, but until now, these delivered a more classic message: they could, for example, thank depositors for having respected the rules of distancing, during the health crisis. But this time, the section chief of the city’s road department felt that a “new era called for a new method”. Pedestrians who deposit rubbish in one of the bins located on the city’s Davidshallsbron Bridge will be rewarded with a sultry female voice. More in our article.

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