The incredible image of the largest solar Carport in the world

It is of course in the Netherlands that the largest solar roof or Carport has just been installed. Biddinghuizen is the location of the solar car park, which is the same as the annual Lowlands music festival. The festival welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each year, this car park offers 15,000 parking spaces.

It is the company Solarfields which is at the origin of this exploit. This company has extremely strong ambitions in terms of energy independence and it intends to equip One million homes in the Netherlands by 2030, splendid!

Why was it decided to install a Carport at this exact location?

This is the magazine Cleantechnica, which reveals it to us in the context of an interview with Esther Terpstra, Communication Manager of Solarfields.

“In the Netherlands we have to take advantage of the available space. A solar carport is a perfect example of dual use of space. In this case, even triple thanks to the use of bifacial solar panels. And in addition, the grass grows, which is good for biodiversity!”

What is the point of installing a solar Carport?

“No parking spaces were lost during construction, cars are sheltered in the shade and at the same time a huge amount of electricity is produced. It’s a perfect way to make the Netherlands more sustainable. We hope to be able to offer many more solutions like this.”

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