the pick-up in motorhome mode

The happy owners of the future Tesla Cybertruck can already consider going on an adventure with this camper van kit developed by Space Campers.

Tesla Cybertruck Space Camper – The wait around the Californian UFO turns to obsession before its commercial debut planned for 2023. Without even knowing the specifics of the production model, many companies are already preparing the ground for customization, and in particular its possible transformation into a motorhome. This is how the company Space Campers unveils its tipper adaptive kit of the Californian pick-up, in order to consider long-distance journeys.

Open order book

This is not the first time that a start-up has undertaken turn the Tesla Cybertruck into a house on wheels. In 2021, the American company Stream It had already created the event by lifting the veil on a retractable “pop-up unit” trading for $50,000. For its part, Space Campers offers a simpler system design, and therefore much less expensive, with a price set at $24,000. A reservation website is already dedicated to him in order to make a reservation against a refundable deposit ranging from $100 to $10,000. Of course, the most generous will be delivered first.

bedroom and kitchen

For this price, the Tesla Cybertruck is adorned witha semi-rigid tent resting on the contours of his dumpster. Once deployed, it provides 2.4 m high ceiling and can accommodate a large double bed. When this bed is folded up in the roof, a kitchen area is available to its owners in the form of a small sink and a worktop, an induction cooker, a water heater, a a fridge/freezer, as well as a desk and a small sitting area. All of this equipment plugs directly into the pick-up battery, avoiding any need for an external generator.

A slew of options

Space Campers enhances its kit with a solar roof, interior lighting, four electrical outlets and an adjustable awning. Buyers can also opt for a roof rack, a thermal padded floor, a built-in movie projector and an outdoor shower cubicle with portable toilets, optional.

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