The Six-Fours cinema has a fourth room with laser technology and 3D sound

This Friday at the end of the afternoon, those who had the chance to tread the red carpet of the new cinema in Six-Fours first – elected officials and partners for the most part – were first seduced by the comfort of the 118 large seats.

Even more when discovering the meridians, in the first row.

“They were made to measure. The idea was to make people want to be in the front row again, detailed Jérôme Quaretti, one of the three partners of the Six n’étoiles. By resting your head on the pad, your gaze embraces the entire screen, without making any effort. It’s designed for.”

A small luxury unique in the region.

Then, when the light went out, the spectators were able to measure the other Waouh effect of the places, the time of a few trailers in laser projection, with Dolby Atmos sound (not all films offer it).

568 seats

State-of-the-art technologies that give films “Impressive sharpness and immersive 3D sound, carried by many speakers on the sides, up to the ceiling”specified director Noémie Dumas, alongside the 3and site manager, Frédéric Perrot.

All say to each other “satisfied delegates” and did not fail to thank the municipality, “always listening”which made it possible to build this room, which required two years of work and cost 1.4 million euros.

The mayor, Jean-Sébastien Vialatte, welcomed the inauguration of “this new premium equipment, at the same price as the other rooms”. “We wanted families to have access to high-end cinema at affordable prices”he said, before wishing the Six-star team that it regains its pre-containment attendance.

A conviviality room, with terrace, has also been built, making it possible to accommodate school workshops, cinema-tea parties, conferences, guests, cocktails…

The capacity of the cinema increases from 450 to 568 seats. And, for parents who were struggling to find a place at the end of classes, the Six n’étoiles car park will soon be accessible again…

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