the specifications and prices are specified

The Apple iPhone 14 is unveiled. Specifications, prices, here is what we think we know.

Expected, as usual, for next September, theiPhone 14 is in the pipes of the various actors. Everyone is busy preparing for the large-volume production of this new range of smartphones from the Apple brand. Suppliers are therefore aware of the latest details and logically, this information leaks. Here’s what we think we know today.

The Apple iPhone 14 unveiled

First of all, the various renders of the iPhone 14 show an unchanged design. At least, on the surface. Indeed, EverythingApplePro inspected these 3D renderings very closely and identified some small changes in the location of the microphone, the rounded corners and the edges of the screen. With thinner edges, the Cupertino company will be able to fit more screen surface, which other rumors have already suggested, and the rounded corners would make it possible to offer a design more similar to that of the Apple Watch Series 7. It will therefore most likely require a new generation of protective accessories.

Specifications, prices, here is what we think we know

On the back, the main camera could be upgraded to 48MP and if Apple were to go full resolution when the light conditions are good, that should lead to a marked improvement in detail and texture. However, staying at 12 MP would only offer “small” improvements in these same areas. The other two cameras seem similar to what we know today, but could obviously carry better lenses.

In the chassis, an A16 Bionic processor would power the phone, supported by 6 GB of RAM and from 128 GB of storage. As always, this part is one of the strengths of the apple brand, there is no reason to change at all for Apple. There is no doubt that the improvements will be numerous, in terms of performance in particular.

Finally, as far as pricing goes, it looks like the basic version starts at $1,099, the first obvious sign that everything is going to be more expensive this year, a consequence of inflation, the shortage of chips, the war in Ukraine and others. As for those who are waiting for the integration of USB-C, there is a good chance that we will have to do without this time again.

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