This is Elon Musk’s Starlink project

Strange comet? Alien invasion? Aperitif too watered? Many of you have contacted the editorial staff of The Republican Eastthis Saturday evening, at the sight of an inexplicable luminous phenomenon, which occurred in the Comtois sky around 9:45 p.m.

A perfect alignment of points of light crossed the celestial vault, to disappear after a few minutes. This incredible constellation, as brilliant as a parade of shooting stars, has been reported by Internet users from all over Franche-Comté, from the Doubs to the Jura, via Haute-Saône or the Territoire de Belfort.

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What you saw a name: the “Starlink” project. If you want more explanation, please contact… Elon Musk. This flamboyant appearance is indeed composed of satellites sent into low orbit around the planet by Space X, the famous company of the American magnate.

The billionaire’s goal is ambitious: to fly 12,000 of these satellites by 2025 – more than 40,000 eventually – so that the whole world can benefit from a high-speed internet connection.

Did you miss the show? According to the specialized site findstarlink, which lists the visible passages of Elon Musk’s toys, two catch-up sessions are possible this Sunday and Monday August 21 and 22, again around 9:40 p.m.

With each launch orchestrated by Space X from Cape Canaveral in Florida, more than fifty of these satellites take off towards the skies, and during their ascent are briefly visible from certain points of the Globe. A pharaonic project that fascinates as much as it worries, while the number of space waste continues to grow around the Earth.

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