TikTok launches its Avatars and competes with Snapchat and Apple!

TikTok launches its Avatars and overshadows other competitors like Snapchat, Apple and Meta! We give you more details!

The competition just has to watch out! TikTok in turn launches its avatars and charm Internet users! MCE TV gives you more details.

TikTok Avatars

They are finally here! These last months, chinese app never stopped doing evolve the customer experience on its platform.

Between filters, music and other elements that allow creators to give free rein to their imagination, we thought we had a complete pack! But in reality he still missing something: the avatars !

Well now it’s done. TikTok just announced the launch of his animated avatars. Besides they are also customizable!

Which reminds us a lot of Snapchat’s Bitmoji! Or Apple Memojis and Meta Avatars. Eh yes. It must be said that the competition already had a good head start on TikTok.

These new animated faces can also be integrated directly into your videos. They are also able reproduce facial expressions. Or the gestures of the user.

So far, nothing very impressive. Or that we have not already seen on other apps. But the avatars of TikTok still stand out.

In fact, they differ by an integration in miniature mode. Which therefore allows you to use your animated avatar on any video! It is enough to superimpose the clips.

And since good news never comes alone, know that TikTok has announced that avatars are now available to everyone! We tell you more.

How to create your avatar?

“We are excited to launch the first version of TikTok avatars. In the whole world. » so announced the Chinese app. “We will continue to improve. And to innovate. To make the experience truly representative of everyone on TikTok. » she specifies.

TikTok avatars are therefore now available to everyone. Around the world ! Eh yes ! Good news for tiktokers who will be able to add their digital mini-lookalike to their videos.

But then how to create your avatar on TikTok? Well the method is very simple! Just follow these steps.

First, go to the TikTok app and click on the “+” icon. which allows you to create a new video. Next, go to the Effects Library located at the bottom left of your menu.

It is then sufficient to select the avatar effect. This is represented by a square icon. With 2 3D faces on it.

You can then choose from theThe templates offered by the app. This allows you to craft an avatar that most closely resembles you. Eh yes.

TikTok thus allows you to modify every detail of the face. From skin tone, to hair. Passing through the nose, the mouth… And you can even choose accessories. We love !

The icing on the cake: you can even add an associated vocal effect! Finally, don’t forget to validate to save your avatar. And voila !

Unlike Bitmoji and other avatars from other apps, those from TikTok represent only the face. There you go, you know everything. So it’s up to you!

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