Twitter will be well moderated, Elon Musk promises the European Commission

In a video posted by Thierry Breton on Twitter, we discover that the European Commissioner for Internal Trade went to meet Elon Musk. The billionaire promises to respect the future European regulations.

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, several European representatives were concerned about the billionaire’s vision of freedom of expression. “Absolutist” activist, Elon Musk believes in an Internet where you can say whatever you want, including if it can hurt. A doctrine that few share in Europe, a continent in which we have been fighting for years for better moderation of social networks.

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On the evening of Monday May 9, Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, to whom we owe many projects related to tech, appeared with Elon Musk. In a video, the two men say they are on the same wavelength.

Elon Musk is okay with everything

The video published by Thierry Breton is quite amazing. The European Commissioner, traveling to the Tesla factory in Austin, Texas, went to speak to Elon Musk and uses him as a witness in a one-minute video, to show their good understanding. The style of the two men does not deceive. Thierry Breton seems delighted with his shot. Elon Musk, in a t-shirt, probably thinks he’d rather do something else. Whatever, the billionaire is playing the game.

At the start of the video, Thierry Breton flatters Elon Musk by explaining that the billionaire “understand very well” the Digital Services Act (DSA), the future European law to better control the giants of the net. Elon Musk responds to be ” on the same wavelength “ than the former French minister, indicating that he is ready to collaborate on everything to make Twitter better. Thierry Breton insists on the importance of the discussion, after having been initially reluctant to take over the social network, while having said from the start that he had confidence in Elon Musk.

The new regulatory tools in the European Union will be able to condemn Twitter to pay up to 6% of its worldwide turnover in the event of repeated serious breaches. Twitter will have to hire moderators able to speak all the languages ​​of the European Union, otherwise it will not respect the law. Gradually, Elon Musk’s vision of total freedom of expression seems to be slipping away. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX is increasingly pragmatic.

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