Two Minute Reports, the tool that aggregates all your KPIs in Google Data Studio

When launching a marketing, advertising or social media campaign, it is essential to analyze the impact. This lets you know what works and what needs to be improved. This task requires going to a multiplicity of platforms, which does not allow you to have a global view of your data. This is where Two Minute Reports comes in. This tool gathers all key performance indicators (KPIs) of a campaign in Google Data Studio. It also allows you to generate reports in a few clicks.

Easily monitor the KPIs of its marketing campaigns

Two Minute Reports brings together all marketing campaign metrics in Google Data Studio. It is possible to add data from Facebook Ads, Shopify, Microsoft Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Snapchat Ads, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Ads, Google Search Console… There are many possibilities. The objective is to allow each marketer to appropriate the platform according to their needs and uses. New integrations are regularly added by the creators.

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two minute reports integrations

The tool offers to add several data sources. Image: Two Minute Reports.

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Reports can be customized and shared. Image: Two Minute Reports.

For professionals, this means that it is no longer necessary to navigate between the different platforms to know the results of a campaign. All KPIs are grouped together in one place, allowing you to have an overview and save valuable time in analyzing your strategy.

Once we have defined the data on which we wish to rely, we can then create a monthly, weekly or even daily report. The latter is essential so that marketing and sales teams can make informed decisions and adapt the actions put in place. KPIs are automatically available on Google Data Studio, just add the ones you want to appear on the report as well as graphs and charts to make it more understandable. It only takes two minutes, hence the name of the tool.

Two Minute Reports also allows customization of the layout and design. However, it is possible to opt for one of the proposed templates. There are several: advertising, e-commerce, social networks… Once the modifications have been made, all you have to do is share it with your employees or your customers using the “Share” button. Reports can also be sent automatically by e-mail, or downloaded in PDF.

Two Minute Reports features are available for $69 lifetime instead of $202. This offer allows three users to take advantage of the platform and add five data sources. Two other licenses allow you to integrate more.

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