United States: mysterious and frightening dolls found on Texas beaches

Mysterious dolls have been found on Texas beaches for a year. A sea current would explain their presence.

Hundreds of dolls damaged by the sea, dismembered, have been found on Texas beaches for a year. Frightening discoveries worthy of horror movies.

American researchers from the natural reserve of the Aransas national estuarine research reserve who study marine mammals find these dolls stranded on more than 60 kilometers of coast from the north of Padre Island to Matagorda Island.

These mass strandings could be linked to a shipment of dolls that fell into the sea.

Dolls up for auction

A sea current in the Gulf of Mexico catches debris and waste that ends up in the sea, according to a two-year study by UT Marine Science Institute. This is why all these dolls ended up on this stretch of coast and not elsewhere.

Researchers from the Aransas mission, who often post photos of beached dolls on their Facebook account, have decided to put these dolls up for auction to fund their sea turtle conservation program.

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