US announces $100 million for medical training in Latin America

The United States announced a $100 million plan on Wednesday to train half a million health professionals in Latin America, at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. The new Health Corps of the Americas will aim, over five years, to improve the skills of 500,000 employees in the sector, particularly in the fields of research and public administration, the White House said in a press release.

This announcement comes as US President Joe Biden is expected at the summit on Wednesday, with the mission of trying to regain a region where China’s influence is clearly progressing. The health facility will cost $100 million, but the United States will not contribute the full amount and will seek to raise funds, including through the Pan American Health Organization.

The pandemic “showed us the many flaws in our global health systems and highlighted the importance of strong and resilient health systems for all people“, underlined the White House. Since the start of the pandemic, China has strengthened its role in Latin America, rapidly providing vaccines.

Boycott of the Mexican President at the Summit of the Americas

Separately, Cuba has long exported its state-employed doctors, a practice that infuriated Donald Trump’s previous administration so much that it suspended funding for the Pan American Health Organization over alleged ties to the country. communist island. The holding of this highly anticipated Summit of the Americas, however, is tainted by the boycott of the Mexican president, unhappy that Joe Biden did not invite the left-wing leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela on the grounds that they did not respect democratic rules. On Tuesday, US Vice President Kamala Harris announced private sector commitments totaling $1.9 billion (1.77 billion euros) to support job creation in Central America and discourage the departure of migrants to the United States.

These commitments from private companies are in addition to those of $1.2 million announced last year for the so-called northern triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, three countries from which migrant caravans to the United States. The Summit of the Americas was launched in 1994 in Miami by President Bill Clinton, eager to launch a broad regional trade liberalization agreement.


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