US intelligence allegedly helped kill Russian generals



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The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced on Thursday May 5 his need for heavy artillery. But the war is also taking place on the intelligence level, and the United States is suspected by the Russians of having provided essential information. The situation between the two countries is explosive.

Did American intelligence help the Ukrainians eliminate Russian generals by communicating their positions to them? In any case, this is what the very serious New York Times affirms, Thursday, May 5. Washington firmly denies the information: if they provide information to the Ukrainians, they would not be so precise. “We do not provide information on the location of senior military commanders on the battlefield“, assured John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman.

The US National Security Council has ruled “irresponsible“The New York Times assertions. A little earlier, the NBC channel revealed another example of American aid to the Ukrainians: the destruction of the Moskva, flagship of the Russian fleet. kyiv would have spotted it thanks to information from Washington. Since the beginning of the conflict, American satellite images have provided precise information on Russian positions in Ukraine.

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