Vettel carves current F1 cars with ‘fascinating but useless technology’

Sebastian Vettel took advantage of the Miami Grand Prix to speak out about the hypocritical behavior of Formula 1, concerning environmental constraints.

On the occasion of Miami Grand Prix opening show, Sebastian Vettel showed up with a t-shirt for prevention against global warming.

The pilot Aston Martin didn’t choose this t-shirt randomly from her wardrobe. The Miami Grand Prix could be the first underwater, given its location which is named the most vulnerable major coastal city in the world by the Scientific American. The hurricanes, as well as the extreme weather conditions of Florida represent well the impact of the weakening of the ozone layer.

This public performance generated many reactions from the paddock and the fans on social networks. The quadruple world champion said he was surprised and even shocked by the behavior of people in the face of environmental issues, which according to him must concern the entire population:

We are all hypocrites. The technology we have in the car is fascinating, but it’s useless. When you think that in 50 years we won’t be able to sit here anymore because it’s flooded. And it will not only impact a generation far in the future, which will always be very unfair, but our children and the next generation.

People ask why it’s so important to you, and I don’t understand the question. This should be important for everyone! », he declares at the microphone of TheDrive.

Sebastian Vettel particularly singled out Formula 1. According to him, discipline holds a hypocritical behavior facing environmental issues and should use its cutting-edge technology to reduce its carbon footprint:

“We are all hypocrites, but I would be very happy if we could find a way not to burn fuel in Formula 1. I think what motorsport, in general, should have in common is to use the engineering power and the determination and drive to push performance for the greater good, and we don’t. The technology we have in the car is fascinating, but it’s useless.

I think we have a greater responsibility. I’m not the perfect example to some extent. Not all of us are, and that’s why we have to push. Obviously the big manufacturers are transferring the hybrid from F1 to the road car, but that’s about it. I think we got used to some things and it would be very difficult to explain to everyone that they won’t be able to do them in the future. And that would also be the wrong approach.

But imagine what it would be like if there weren’t so many cars. It would be a better version of Miami Beach. Therefore, I think sometimes, you know, why cling to something that we know is wrong and isn’t the future. I mean, we love cars. It’s something all drivers have in common. All the people who work here in the paddock have one thing in common. Probably most, if not all, fans have in common, but we have to take the next step.

I don’t care if it’s electric cars in the future, or hydrogen, or some other form of mobility, but that will change. It has to be something else. We cannot stand still now. »

Photo: Icon Sports

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