video games while driving, it’s debated

Now possible since this summer, Teslas indirectly allow the driver to play behind the wheel, a risk studied by the American authorities.

Tesla loves onboard tech and how it looks geek. Very early on, the manufacturer integrated video games on board. But an update creates the debate, even in the upper echelons in the United States.

Easily circumvented security

Until then, no one saw any inconvenience, since it was only possible when stationary. However, the New York Times reveals that a software evolution makes it possible to play even while driving, since this summer. A window reminds that “Use of Tesla Arcade while the vehicle is in motion is for passengers only. Please inquire about local laws regarding video games ». Under this post, the car asks “Are you a passenger” when launching a game.

However, anyone can press the button. This opens the risk that the driver may play while driving. a Model 3 owner reported this option to US authorities, who took up the matter. NHTSA, equivalent to Highway Safety, is investigating this potential hazard. According to Reuters, the American agency confirmed that “distraction accidents are a problem, especially vehicles equipped […] entertainment screens ».

The Tesla Autopilot already under surveillance

This isn’t the first time Tesla has been in the authorities’ spotlight. His Autopilot has caused a lot of controversy, starting with his name. Autopilot falsely suggests autonomous drivingbecause the cars only have level 2 semi-automatic systems (out of 5).

In Europe it is legal forbidden to let go of the steering wheel. The measure forces Tesla to remind you to get back behind the wheel, via sound or vibration alerts. Certain serious accidents under the action of the Autopilot are regularly under investigation. These cases are the business of drivers who are too confident in their false 100% autonomous capacity, and have forgotten to watch the road.

Elon Musk recalled that the accident rate on a Tesla with Autopilot is 3 times lower than offand even more compared to a classic car.

But isn’t the appearance of video games while driving precisely to encourage the use of Autopilot and to take your eyes off the road? What do you think. Should this be prohibited?

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