We know more about Elon Musk’s humanoid robot that will “transform the world”

The billionaire and Tesla boss announced it last week at a press conference: his first humanoid robot will soon be produced.
Elon Musk has confirmed the year of 2023 for the launch of production of his “Optimus”, the name given to his new robot. “We have a chance to be in production for version 1 of Optimus, hopefully next year”, he said at the inauguration of the Telsa gigafactory in Texas.

About 1m73, 56 kg, eight cameras, an informative screen, a travel speed of 8 km/h, a capacity to carry 20 kg and lift around sixty kilos, with a sleek and futuristic look, the extraordinary Optimus was designed to do boring or dangerous tasks that humans no longer want to do and will evolve over time, fed by new technological advances when possible.

This humanoid robot will “transforming the world to an even greater degree than cars”promised Elon Musk on Wednesday. “As Optimus grows, everyone can make sure the technology is safe. No Terminator stuff or that sort of thing.”


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