Western Digital launches monster 26TB hard drive, all-time high

Western Digital continues to invest in technologies around the hard drive. If SSDs are essential thanks to hitherto unprecedented transfer speeds, conventional hard drives remain very popular because of their lower cost, their increased reliability and above all their storage density. These volumes can be integrated into RAID clusters to boost throughput – or used for cold storage (ie long term). The market today is mainly focused on data centers.

In 2022, the handful of players remaining in the market, mainly Seagate, Toshiba, HP Enterprise and Western Digital, continue to invest heavily in technology to push the limits. However, Western Digital has just announced several technologies that allow it to launch now 22 TB (22,000 GB) and 28 TB (28,000 GB) hard drives. But also in a second step to go beyond the only symbolic of 30 TB. The technologies in question, OptiNAND, ePMR, TSA, HelioSeal and UltraSMR are combined to reach the full potential of the medium.

Western Digital once again proves that hard drives aren’t dead

Western Digital explains, for example, that the “22TB CMR hard drive incorporates OptiNAND technology to deliver the highest density on its mature HelioSeal platform with 10 platters of 2.2TB each”. For the 26 TB drive, WD explains that it has changed the block coding and improved the error correction algorithm to increase the number of tracks and therefore the density per platter – a technology called UltraSMR. The WD UltraStar DC HC670 UltraSMR drive surpasses the industry record with 2.6 TB per platter.

WD has also integrated ArmorCache technology which protects data while exploding performance, particularly in RAID clusters. WD says the 22TB Ultrastar DC HC570 and 26TB WD Ultrastar DC HC570 will be available on a limited basis starting in summer 2022. These specific models will be reserved for select customers first, before broader availability later.

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Western Digital adds that other 22 TB hard drives using OptiNAND technology will also be offered this summer. This means new benchmarks in the WD Purple Pro range for video surveillance systems, WD Red Pro for NAS solutions, and WD Gold for system integrators and specialist enterprise resellers.

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