While Season 3 is underway, Apple TV+ is offering the first season of For All Mankind

The broadcast of the third season of For All Mankind has started and Apple is taking the opportunity to offer the first season for free. This uchronic series from Apple TV+ imagines that the Americans were not the first to set foot on the Moon and that the Russians did not abandon the space race during the Cold War. If you like science fiction and the history of space conquest, this is a series worth watching, especially if it is free.

To test For All Mankind, you only need an Apple account. Then follow this link which should open the TV app with the series and you should be able to watch the first season without paying. For the second season broadcast last year and the third which is in progress, it will be necessary to pay at least one month, or 4.99 €.

I put on my seriesphile cap to point out that the first season starts quite slowly, but that the pace gradually intensifies. It might be worth hanging on for a few episodes and not letting go too soon. But I won’t say more so as not to spoil anything…


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