Whoopi Goldberg’s rant

Many prominent figures are making their voices heard as the U.S. Supreme Court considers overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade of 1973 which recognizes abortion as a right protected by the American Constitution.

American actress and producer Whoopi Goldberg strongly defended women’s right to control their bodies in the television show “The View”, which she co-hosts on ABC. “It’s my body!” And no one will make a decision about my body. You will not make this decision for me”she hammered on Tuesday, May 3.

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“A human question”

The 66-year-old actress made a point of revisiting the history of abortion in the United States, observing that such a law banning abortion would push women to have abortions abroad or by doing so by their own means in inhumane conditions. “Women in this country have always lived illegally. Women, when they decide something isn’t right for them, they take matters into their own hands. We got tired of tripping over women in bathrooms, public restrooms, having abortions themselves because there was no safe place, no clean place, no place to go”she recalled. “This law came about because people wanted women to have a safe and clean place. It has nothing to do with religion, it’s a human matter.” she continued.

“It’s not something that women do lightly! »

Whoopi Goldberg, who had an illegal abortion at the age of 14 under difficult conditions, said: “Making the decision to have an abortion is not easy, it is not something that women do lightly! It’s not something you can do like that! It is a difficult, terrible decision that women make. »

Whoopi Goldberg had confided in a book by Angela Bonavoglia, The Choices We Made, published in 1991, his intimate experience, relays Le Figaro . “I haven’t spoken to anyone. I panicked. I took hot baths. I drank those weird concoctions the girls told me about […]. I fell violently ill. At that time, I was more afraid of having to explain to someone what was wrong than going to the park with a coat hanger, which I did. »

During a speech in Washington, Tuesday, May 3, the vice-president of the United States Kamala Harris for her part reacted in these terms: “The rights of women in America are under threat. »

The Foretold End of Roe v. Wade marks the success of a five-decade political battle for the evangelical Christian anti-abortion movement.

If the Court were to adopt the anti-abortion text, each of the 50 American states would regain the right to ban it on its soil and half of them, mainly in the conservative and religious South and Center, would have to take this route.

Abortion rights in the United States. “It’s my body!” “: the rant of Whoopi Goldberg

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