why were rappers Young Thug and Gunna arrested?

Young Thug and Gunna risk big. This Monday, May 9, American rappers were arrested in the state of Georgia for being involved in gang affairs. 56 charges are brought against them in this vast affair involving dozens of people.

The information was revealed by Michael Seiden, journalist for the local news channel WSB-TV. Young Thug and Gunna, aged 28 and 30, were arrested along with 26 other people from their “Young Slime Life” (YSL) collective. The rapper Young Thug, very well known in the American hip-hop scene, whose real name Jeffery Williams, is accused of armed robbery, murder or participation in criminal gang activity, says Michael Seiden.

The rapper would be the founder of YSL, which would be none other than a gang responsible for numerous crimes in Atlanta for 10 years. YSL would also be linked to the powerful and unfavorably known Bloods gang. Young Thug would have himself ordered assassinationslike that of rapper YFN Lucci, currently in prison.

The RICO law in question

Young Thug is accused of raping the RICO law (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations), while the rapper Gunna, placed in police custody at the same time, is accused to have tried to violate this very important law in the United States. The RICO law, created in 1970 aims to fight against organized crime and to target members of criminal gangs. It was initially set up to fight against the mafia. Violating the RICO law is almost always synonymous with a prison sentence.

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