With Google-Microsoft-Apple, the end of the torture of the password? – Liberation


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The announcement made by the digital giants of the disappearance of the password in favor of a unique cyber-identification holds the promise of a miracle. But the use of our personal data, announced as virtuous, raises fears of a new form of dependence.

No, but, hallelujah, we want to say, the announcement sounds like a miracle: we learn that on May 5, on the occasion of the little-known World Password Day (which was created in 2013 by specialists cybersecurity), the Google-Microsoft-Apple trinity announced, “As part of a joint effort to make the web safer and more user-friendly for everyone, […] [leur] intent to extend support for a common passwordless login standard. […] This new feature will enable websites and apps to offer consumers consistent, secure and simple passwordless logins across all devices and platforms.”.

Without password? ! Suddenly, the field of possibilities has become staggering. Exit, the juggling between the dates of birth of the nephews with an asterisk. Basta, the name of the dog with the current year and exclamation mark. Adios, Mom’s age, followed by Lapinou’s and mine minus two years because that’s really starting to get too much. Finished, the torment of the password, which must be varied ad libitum and renewed as often as possible, suddenly we add! and *, and we crash, and bam, we have to reset, of course we do since …


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